Resident Evil 4 Remake: 6 Changes We LOVE (And 2 We Hate)

Can you remake a perfect game?

The Resident Evil franchise is surely the most remake-obsessed in the industry at this point. In the last four years we've had three remakes of deeply cherished entries. Resident Evil 2 obviously lit the world on fire with how great it was and, all minor complaints about it aside, RE3 was a fantastic title in it's own right.

Thus, both excitement and apprehension was high when talk began that a remake would come of the next numbered entry in the series. Resident Evil 4 isn't just beloved, it's arguably the most memorable entry in the franchise. It's a landmark gaming achievement and, even with Capcom's undeniable winning streak, it seemed like a bold move.

What do you change about a game as iconic as RE4? And by how much? It's a decision making process that is hard to envy, having a precious jewel in your hand and having to cut it just right so that it shines anew.

Thankfully, Capcom have knocked it out of the park and RE4R just might be the best remake of the bunch. It's not perfect however...


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