Resident Evil 4 Remake: 6 Changes We LOVE (And 2 We Hate)

5. Puzzles Are An Understated Highlight

Resident Evil 4 Remake

The other trade-off from Resi ditching its fixed camera roots for the satisfaction of monster mashing fun was a reduced inclusion of puzzles. Again, like the scares, there were a couple of moments in the original RE4 where players had to press some specific buttons or slide a few panels but otherwise the focus was elsewhere.

The remake very cautiously corrects this by including some really lovely segments that require you to sling your rifle for a second and take a better look around at your surroundings. They don't break the mould of what to expect from the series - putting items in the correct alignment or finding the solution to a button combination - but they're a welcome addition.

Especially when arriving at the spooky European castle, it just feels at home. What's Resident Evil without a big spooky abode with a selection of weird brain-teasers?

Best of all, the puzzles add to the tapestry without bogging things down. They add a missing special sauce to the proceedings that provoke an exciting emotion of "oh, this is what was missing all this time". They're hardly complicated enough to wind up in a Professor Layton game but they add some value to slower, explorative moments of Resident Evil 4 between salvos of gunfire.


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