Resident Evil 8 Village - 14 Secrets & Easter Eggs You Totally Missed

Chris FINALLY gets a smoke break.

resident evil chris redfield smoke

Easter Eggs are a wonderful thing and a joy to find. More so in video games than chocolate variety for sure.

Normally neat little homages to pop culture or games past, they add another layer for players searching every nook and cranny. And with Resident Evil having such a storied past, of course, there is going to be a bunch.

Not only is Resident Evil Village a step up from the previous in terms of scope and gameplay, but it also continues the trend of continuously drip-feeding little nuggets and references to past RE games along the way. Some that help to expand the lore of the ongoing franchise and others, well just there to give fans a little chuckle.

From books on a shelf, trinkets hidden away or just some incredible one-liners, let's dive into the best Easter Eggs and references in Resident Evil Village.


Light story spoilers within


14. Red Queen Wine - Regina Rosie

Resident Evil Village Red Queen

Wine is a big part of the opening section of Resident Evil Village; it is everywhere in the Winters' home. Then it shows up later in Castle Dimitrescu.

The name of this wine in question, well it's Regina Rose. Funnily enough, this translates to "Red Queen" in English.

Now, this might be some reference to the fact Lady Dimitrescu infuses her wine with blood to keep her mutations at bay, but if not, it's a very nice, subtle nod to Paul W.S. Anderson's movies, as the "Red Queen" supercomputer dogged our heroes in 2002's Resident Evil.

If only Dimitrescu told us we were "All going to die down here", that would've been perfection.


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