Resident Evil: Ranking Every Boss From Worst To Best

From trilby hats to potato sacks, this lot has it all.

Resident Evil Bosses

For over 23 years now, Capcom has been redefining the survival horror genre of gaming with Resident Evil. With each unique entry in the franchise comes a new cast of character, scares, and line up of big bad boss type just waiting to kick player back to the 'You Are Dead' screen.

Across the series, these have manifested in all shapes and sizes whilst taking on many forms - from humanoids to fully fledged multi-story behemoths. With such a vast array of monsters, it is no surprise that Capcom has several times managed to redefine what it means to have a boss within a game via their long-running series - none being more influential here than Nemesis himself.

Other bosses on this list, however, are just plain crap. No matter how good, bad or ugly they might be, they are all here. For the purposes of clarity, this list will be covering the bosses in the mainline series, so no Survivor, Dead Aim or Operation Raccoon City ghouls here.

75. Stinger

Resident Evil Bosses

Appears In: Resident Evil 0

While Resident Evil 0 somehow manages to break the trend that all prequels are a bad thing, it is certainly one of the stranger entries in the franchise. As this list will show, it has a poor selection of bosses, to say the least.

Breaking out of containment on the Ecliptic Express, this afterthought is despatched within the first few hours thanks to Billy Coen and Rebecca Chambers in the Saloon Car. What is actually a very promising start is almost entirely derailed by, well a giant scorpion. Thankfully, RE0 got back on track shortly after this boring encounter.

How to beat:

Fighting this arachnid doesn't take much skill or time, as all you need to do is shoot this thing in the head (when exposed).


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