Rey Mysterio Unveiled As WWE 2K19's Pre-Order Bonus

2K also tease another "unannounced" character...

AJ Styles WWE 2K19

@WWEGames, the official Twitter account for WWE 2K19, has unveiled Rey Mysterio as this year's special pre-order bonus character.

This is the first time the masked legend has officially been in a WWE video game since 2K15, and it's being touted as quite the coup by 2K. Fans of the ex-ECW, WCW and (full-time) WWE star will be pleased to know they no longer have to settle for cheap imitations via Community Creations.

Further, the tweet teased that another "unannounced WWE Superstar" would be a pre-order bonus too. Some fans are guessing that Ronda Rousey will be revealed as the second bonus, but there's a chance WWE will consider her part of the regular roster and thus put her on-disc from the get-go.


Using Ronda's name value to entice fans into pre-ordering may be smart though. She's someone with more crossover appeal than even legends like Mysterio.

There's no news from 2K on when they'll announce the second pre-order bonus. Still, with AJ Styles on the cover and Rey Rey being used in such a special spot, it's nice to see the developers putting focus on names hardcore fans actually like.


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