Rocket League: 10 Essential Tips & Tricks You Need To Know

9. Don't Stick To One Camera

Although you have access to two cameras during your time in Rocket League - the default one that stays behind your car and one that keeps focused on the ball at all times - neither is really viable to use for the entirety of a match. To master complete awareness of the arena it€™s essential to know when to switch to each camera. The default offering is serviceable for most situations, especially when the ball is close to the ground as it lets you keep both it and the others players in the match in sight. However, the locked camera is great for when the ball is airborne or in those sticky situations when you€™re locked into a corner. Although it€™s a small change, knowing which camera to use to in the right situation can make or break a game. If you€™re on the goal-line and you€™re not locked onto the ball for instance, there€™s simply no way you€™re going to manage that epic save - and your only reward will be looking like a complete fool in the replay.

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