Rockstar Accidentally Leak L.A. Noire Part 2!

Is the acclaimed detective game finally getting a sequel?

LA Noire 2

As noticed on Reddit, YouTube has seemingly accidentally revealed that Rockstar is working on a follow up to 2010's L.A. Noire. The streaming service's algorithm regularly auto-generates playlists of similarly-themed videos, and it seems to have lumped together part of a late-70s-to-early-80s themed soundtrack for L.A. Noire Part 2.

The original video has now been taken down - which in itself is telling - but it featured an introduction from an announcer of the KTI Radio Station, which also featured in the first L.A. Noire. While anyone can upload to YouTube, the description also read:

''Provided to YouTube by Take-Two Interactive Break My Stride - Matthew Wilder The Music of L.A Noire Part Two ℗ 2020 Warner Chappell Music. Released on: 2020-03-13 Auto-generated by YouTube."

Rockstar have been teasing a new project since the end of February, when the company changed the artwork on their official website. While that usually wouldn't be much to go on, the publisher has used a change in this artwork to precede a game announcement before, most recently with Red Dead Redemption 2.

Likewise, new L.A. Noire content seems inevitable judging by how the publisher has treated the property recently. Uncharacteristically, a remastered edition was released on new consoles. Such editions are often used to gauge interest in specific properties. Only GTA V has received a similar remaster, and that was mostly because the game came out at the very end of the Xbox 360 and PS3's life cycles.

Of course, take the initial rumour with a pinch of salt, but Rockstar is up to something, and a new game based on L.A. Noire is the most likely candidate outside of GTA VI.

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