Rockstar Games Quiz: How Well Do You REALLY Know The Studio?

GTA, Red Dead, Manhunt, The Warriors - a developer you love to love.

Rockstar Games

Few development teams have the cultural sway of Rockstar. Once the bad-boys of the industry, releasing what is almost gamings's grunge scene with GTA and Manhunt, they've grown into one of the most lucrative developer/publisher combos on the planet.

Thankfully, sitting under the banner of Take Two's Strauss Zelnick, Rockstar have played their cards very well. Unlike studios such as Ubisoft, EA or Warner Bros. who might have spread their franchise names too thin, releasing new games every year, Rockstar have shown restraint, ensuring that every time another one of their titles drops, it makes considerable waves.

Expanding from a small Scottish outfit into household names, everything from Smuggler's Run to GTA, Midnight Club to Red Dead Redemption has been resounding successes. They've seldom put a foot wrong, helping other developers' projects come to fruition, and kickstarting a number of handcrafted worlds all their own.

While GTA Online continues to make something close to $5 million dollars a day (keeping GTA V in the charts for the last five years and counting), there's way more to Rockstar than just the words "Grand Theft Auto".

They've carved a truly astonishing path with millions of earned fans watching with excitement, but just how much were you paying attention?

1. Which Rockstar Game Was The First To Be Rated "AO" In America?

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