Rocksteady's Rumoured Justice League Game: 16 Features It MUST Include

"Each of you brings something different to the table. Strength. Speed. Stealth. Whatever."

Rocksteady Justice League
Warner Bros./Rocksteady

Batman is dead. Long live The Bat.

That's the ending presented to us by Arkham Knight, the last in the brilliant Arkham series of games from Rocksteady Studios. And that was the last we officially heard from both the developer and the Arkhamverse. Rumours began to circulate of a Superman game or a Destiny-style Suicide Squad title, but nothing ever came of them.

The most recent leaks indicate that Rocksteady is actually working on a single-player focused, co-op enabled, Arkham-style game that allows players to jump into the tights of the Justice League. Though still very much a rumour, this particular one has been around for almost two years now, and it just keeps coming back around from different sources. So, perhaps there's something to it.

Expected to be set before the Arkham games and building off the upcoming soft reboot of those from Warner Bros. Montreal, this game is said to vastly expand upon the Arkhamverse and pit the League against their first comic book enemy: Starro. This continually updated, games-as-a-service style, next-generation game sounds like exactly what fans want.

(Well, so long as they include these few things to really make it something special.)

16. The Same Combat System

Rocksteady Justice League

Let's start with something we can all agree on; the combat system in the Arkham series is one of the best that has ever been created for video games. Allowing fast and hard-hitting melee combos, tactical counters of different sorts of enemies, this system let's Bats take on a room full of enemies with ease while still retaining the need to constantly assess the battlefield and tactically move to more important threats.

We need this core system to stay the same because, even at lower skill levels, it's just so playable despite all the options available in combat. Now, obviously the actual combos and abilities used will differ depending on the character you're using. While Bats uses his capestun to bamboozle enemies and open them up for attack, Wonder Woman could clang her bracelets together, and Superman might give them a quick blast of his freeze breath to knock them off balance.

Superpowers, whether from metahuman abilities, alien physiology, or divinity, would be activated the same way as Batman's gadgets in combat. With some melee combos that open the opportunity to quickly pop a superpower at the end without a more complex button combination.


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