Ron Gilbert Would Love To Make Another Monkey Island Game

Unfortunately, he doesn't have the rights.

Ron Gilbert, the developer who gave the world some of the greatest adventure games of all time still has a special place in his heart for Monkey Island. Unfortunately, he doesn't have the rights. While Ron is busy putting the final touches on his new Double Fine game, The Cave, he found a few minutes to talk with IGN about the possibility of returning to one of the most beloved adventure game franchises of all time:
€œI€™d really love to make Monkey Island 3. Unfortunately, I don€™t own the rights to that. That all belongs to LucasArts. Even if I started a Kickstarter and I raised like 30 million dollars, I really don€™t think LucasArts would sell it.€
Even though we may never get to send Guybrush Threepwood on another fantastic voyage, GIlbert doesn't believe that the adventure game genre is going anywhere anytime soon. Gilbert said he sees evidence of his and other adventure games in other genres throughout the industry today.
"You see a game like LA Noire, and a lot of people think LA Noire is an adventure game because it has absorbed so many elements from adventure games. I don€™t think they€™ll ever die. They€™re very story centric, they€™re very character centric. I think people just like those kind of things.€
I for one would love to see a new Monkey Island game. While the newest addition to the series, "Tales of Monkey Island" was decent (and handled by TellTale who are now working on the Walking Dead series...see our review for Episode 2 HERE), I would love to see Ron Gilbert get his hands back on the character that we fell in love with those many years ago. What are your thoughts about the Monkey Island series? Which was your favorite? Would you like to see Ron Gilbert back on the series? Let us know below.

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