Rumored Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad Attachment

The rumored 3DS circle pad attachment, may just be true!

Rumored for some time now, the circle pad attachment for Nintendo's 3DS is becoming more and more likely. The following image is taken from Japanese video game magazine, Famitsu...

The analog attachment is rumored to snap on to the side of the handheld, however a number of different designs have been leaked online. Why do we need another circle pad? Well, for the new rumored Monster Hunter 3 G that is thought to be announced at the Tokyo game show in a few weeks time of course! This piece of technology might seem like an extra bit of a money maker, after all, there's never really been a need for it before. But I would like to point out to anyone that has tried to play a shooter on the PSP, a number of them have had horrible controls, having to use the triangle, square, cross, circle to aim is more of a hindrance than anything. I spent more time spraying bullets and praying than actually hitting anything. So, this could possibly open up the handheld to other games and allow people an alternative to using the stylus. A Nintendo press conference has been scheduled for next week ahead of the Tokyo Game show, in which Nintendo are thought to release product and hardware announcements.


Just a few hours after this was posted, Nintendo told the Official Nintendo Magazine that the circle pad attachment release is true. Currently in the works, the attachment will be called the Expansion Slide Pad and will include a left shoulder button. Nintendo also announced that it will be compatible with the new Monster Hunter game which is now no longer a rumor. The expansion slide pad is supposed to, "allow you to play the game with the same feeling as playing Monster Hunter Tri on Wii". According to Monster Hunter supervisor Ryozo Tsujimoto. Dates and prices are yet to be announced.
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Dom McKenzie, feature and news writer at What Culture!