Scheduled PSN Maintenance Today

Don't panic! It's all part of Sony's plan this time.

Did you attempt to log in to your PSN account today only to uncover that the service is down? Many should have received a message upon accessing the PlayStation Store or PlayStation Home that provides you with this message, "PlayStation Network is undergoing maintenance." If by some off-chance you didn't receive the message and are in the midst of a panic attack, take a breath, we have all of the information you need below. The maintenance is set to start at 8:00 am PDT, 10:00 am EDT, and is set to come to a close sometime around 11:00pm PDT and 2:00am EDT. Maintenance is always a routine aspect of ensuring that services are continually up-to-date and functioning properly. Hopefully, with continued maintenance Sony will never have to face another hacking catastrophe. Although, the aftermath brought us great incentives like free games to return back to the service, so it wasn't all terrible. If you plan on jumping into online play, running apps such as Netflix and Amazon Instant Video, you will need to have signed in within 5 days prior to this maintenance period to enjoy all of these features while maintenance continues. Be sure to follow the official Playstation Twitter account for an update once the scheduled maintenance is complete. Source: Playstation Blog
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