SEGA CEO Mike Hayes Leaving the Company

Sega announced they are replacing current CEO Mike Hayes.

It was announced today that Sega CEO Mike Hayes is leaving the company to take on an advisory role with Sega and a couple of other unannounced companies. The current chief operating officer or COO Jurgen Post will be taking over for Hayes in America and Europe. Here is the statement from Sega:
"Mike has achieved a huge amount during his time at Sega and we thank him for the amazing things he has accomplished. Mike is a great character and very passionate about the industry; he helped steer the extraordinary growth of Sega and has built an exceptional team of professionals that will stand us in good stead for the future."
Hayes had been productive in both moving Sega towards digital distribution and bringing over Total War developer The Creative Assembly. However, with all that has been going wrong with Sega these past few months there is some speculation that Hayes was forced to step down from his position. Sega has been hit with major layoffs and cancellation of games, even today there are rumors that Bayonetta 2 may have been cancelled (at this time nobody has confirmed or denied this rumor). It will be interesting to see if this change in leadership affects how Sega tries to recover from their financial issues. Will the new CEO un-cancel some of the previously cancelled games or will more cuts be made?
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