Sekiro 2: 10 Major Changes We Need To See

How to stop players from throwing their controllers at the TV.


Wasn't Sekiro great? An awesome and unique action title combining fast and frenetic swordplay, reflexes and the ability to parry like one might have to endure in an actual sword fight. No more mindless hacking and slashing - you have to plan ahead, as well as think on your toes. There's also some awesome sneaking and stealth action to boot, contributing to the feeling of being a badass ninja assassin.

That said... how many controllers did you break?

The overall quality of any game is always going to be purely subjective to the player. What works for one person is going to be another person's breaking point.

God willing there will be a sequel at some point in the future, and if there is, it would be great if "Sekiro 2" could learn from the first game's shortcomings.

Yes hardcore super fans, the game has some issues, let's try and deal with them maturely.


These suggestions could help refine the experience without compromising the franchise's level of challenge or overall experience. In short, the next Sekiro could be just as challenging and rewarding, whilst eliminating any feelings of frustration or tedium.


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