Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - Ranking Every Boss From Easiest To Hardest

Prepare to die. A lot.

Sekiro Ape

FromSoftware's latest tough-as-nails opus, Sekiro, is surprisingly different from the developer's previous titles, but there's one area where it's virtually identical: the boss fights.

From the poison swamp to the highest peaks of the Divine realm (and with all the endings of the game accounted for), there are plenty of terrifying beasts and samurai waiting in the wings to test your mettle, and the good thing is they're all pretty damn good.

Some tower over the battlefield, others are head-scratching puzzles, and one's a fish, but all of them are memorable in their own right. However the question remains: which ones are the hardest?

But some housekeeping first: 1) Each boss is going to pose more of a threat depending on your play style and which skills you have down and 2) this list won’t include sub-bosses.


16. The Giant Coloured Carp

Sekiro Carp

Right, let’s get this out of the way first: yes, technically I’m counting this as a boss but only because there’s a trophy tied to it just like other bosses, so let’s talk about this big load of carp.

For a start you never actually fight the thing, instead you defeat the Carp by feeding it some 'Truly Precious Bait' that you can get from either of the creepy pot people that you find in the game, after cashing in 7 treasure scales with them.

Now, if you want to farm the fish and its scales before sending it to fry then you can feed it regular bait, but if you want to get this done and dusted, sling some of the special food into the water and then zip over to the Guardian Ape’s lair where you’ll find it dead.

Poison seems to have been the culprit, and taking back the white whisker to the guardian will net you your just rewards. It's an easy "boss", but one that’s definitely memorable as it tries to swallow you whole during the underwater sections.


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