Shadow of the Damned Sequel Being "Considered"

The original only moved 24,000 copies in the United States over the first month of its release but was so good a game a sequel could happen.

Shadow of the Damned was one of the best games to be released last year, however it unfortunately was also one of the worst selling games of 2011 as well. The game only moved 24,000 copies in the United States over the first month of its release. So it was kind of assumed that the game which left the door open for a sequel would not be getting a sequel because of the poor sales figures. But today news has come that Japanese developer Grasshopper is considering a sequel to Shadow of the Damned and according to them EA "would probably be interested in it". Akira Yamaoka who did the soundtrack for the game and is also famous for doing the soundtrack to the Silent Hill series stated:
"I'm thinking of a sequel, actually, I can't tell you here, but clearly I'd like to."
When asked about whether EA would support the project "Probably," he said, before conceding: "Well, yes." To me personally I think he is not totally sure about whether EA would support a sequel to Shadow of the Damned and is assuming they would support the game and has no facts to back this up. In other words, Grasshopper the developer of Shadow of the Damned wants to do a sequel but it is still very shaky if EA would publish or fund the game. What pisses me off is EA spends an inordinate amount of time advertising a game like Mass Effect 3 that really needs no advertising, the game would sell regardless. But a game like Shadow of the Damned which needs the advertising dollars put behind it gets basically nothing. I do hope a sequel does get made, but my guess is that it would need to be funded by a different publisher because I don't think there is anyway EA wants to do a sequel. Maybe this time they will get a studio that will actually advertise the game instead of just putting it out there and hoping the game will sell.

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