Silent Hill Is BACK, But There's A Catch

Could this be a sign of bigger things to come?

Silent Hill Dead By Daylight

Silent Hill is BACK. Well, in a way. The fabled horror franchise is returning to consoles and PC in the form of the Chapter 16 DLC for Dead By Daylight, which will add Silent Hill 2's Pyramid Head as playable villain and Silent Hill 3's Heather/Cheryl Mason as a new survivor.

The DLC pack drops on all available platforms June 16th, and is the first sign of life from Konami's franchise for a good few years. The last we heard of it was the cancellation of Silent Hills, with there being no official updates regarding the series since.

The publisher licensing out the franchise to another developer does line up with rumours that have been circulating for the past few months however, which have suggested that Konami is courting developers to make a new Silent Hill game for them. So far, all the leaks point towards that project being a PS5 exclusive.


Until anything official happens in that regard though, fans have this DLC pack to look forward to.

Will you be picking up Dead By Daylight's expansion? Let us know in the comments!


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