Silent Hill PS5 LEAK - Original Creator Returning, Playable Demo Coming, Soft-Reboot

This NEEDS to happen!

silent hill ps5

After a string of rumours surrounding the next Silent Hill game - with some suggesting it's going to show up on the Xbox Series X while others claim Sony has purchased all of Konami's IP including the iconic horror franchise - regular leaker DuskGolem has apparently set the record straight.

In a string of Tweets, they revealed that the game is indeed coming, and that production began at the start of 2019. Apparently Konami had been shopping around ideas to different studios before landing on Sony's Japan Studios, which actually employs Keiichiro Toyama, the creative director on the original Silent Hill.

The project is allegedly going to act as a soft-reboot of the whole franchise and will be released exclusively for the PS5. Sadly, the thread also confirmed that this has nothing to do with Hideo Kojima's horror game, which won't be related to his cancelled Silent Hills project at all.


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