Skyrim: 10 Armour Mods That Need to Be Made

10. Nathan Drake's Clothes in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

Nathan Drake A franchise likely not familiar to this side of the Skyrim community (the PC side, that is), Uncharted features some very well designed yet still very real world designs for the clothes of protagonist, Nathan Drake. The standout, however, is Nate's desert gear in the latest outing, Drake's Deception. From the light clothing to the scarf, and the weapon holsters, everything about the clothes just scream desert adventurer. It would fit quite nicely into Skyrim, too. I imagine that the scarf could be moulded to fit over the Dragonborn's mouth, to protect him or her from the snow and blizzards of the north. The pants and shoes offer perfect long term endurance, and the shirt it long enough the keep you warm, but short enough to keep you cool in a dragon attack. Aside from that, it just looks so damn cool. I mean, what PS3 owner doesn't recognise this iconic outfit? For Skyrim usage, however, I don't imagine this fitting into the armour category, more of a robe-like creation would fit it better. If the scarf went over the mouth like I mentioned beforehand, it could have an enchantment to resist cold. The boots could allow for more stamina, and the shirt could be just a shirt. The weapon holster could act as an inventory increase, allowing you to carry more with being slowed down.
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