Skyrim: 10 Best Ways To Play Without Mods

Who needs them?

Skyrim Special Edition

At this stage, newborn babies emerge from the womb knowing Skyrim is a massive experience and a whole lot of fun. However, if you are the typical Skyrim player, many years on you've probably exhausted every avenue the game offers, to the extent that it's hard to continue feeling that magical spark after so long.

The most obvious choice for imbuing the game with that fresh feel is mods, but they can be an absolute faff, especially to the uninitiated. Getting mods to work simultaneously, getting your 'load order' correct and finding the right mods to transform your game into that brand new fresh experience is a tall and strenuous order - one that could claim more of your time than all your Skyrim playthroughs combined. So why bother?

With a little creative ingenuity and self-imposed restrictions, you can transform Skyrim into a completely different experience, and all without mods.

So if you are planning a return to the world of Tamriel or are finding your current playthrough a bit stale, here are nine of the best ways to play Skyrim without mods...

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