Skyrim: 10 Glaring Problems Everyone Always Overlooks

No game is perfect.

Skyrim combat

It is undeniable that Skyrim defined the previous generation of consoles. It was one of the most expansive and enthralling RPGs to grace the world of gaming, and has forever cemented itself as a titan in the industry. However, having garnered an almost untouchable status amongst fans and the community, Betheda's baby has been heralded as 'perfect', with any criticism - fair or otherwise - immediately being shot down.

And that is tantamount to madness, because let's face it, Skyrim is far from perfect.

Despite its place in gamers' hearts, the fifth Elder Scrolls is most definitely a flawed masterpiece, with a whole host of problems that fans overlook or put up with. Parts of the game are fundamentally broken, with others lacking the necessary polish, resulting in quite a few key slip-ups.

And whilst we may love Skyrim to bits, it's only fair to acknowledge that it has quite a few downfalls. Blindly declaring it flawless whilst ignoring these ten painfully glaring problems would be foolish (or fanboyish), especially considering just how buggy and often broken TES V can be...

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