Skyrim: 16 Awesome Easter Eggs And References You Totally Missed

"A Silver-Blood always pays his debts".

You'd be forgiven for thinking you'd seen everything Bethesda's frozen masterpiece had to offer being it's been two whole years since the initial release. But with that being said, we all knew when exploring the game's vast landscapes that there were bits and pieces we were missing along the way - that overarching feeling that you'd never see everything the world had in it. Featuring one of the best mission-generating gameplay systems ever put in an RPG, Skyrim has always cobbled together random interactions for the sake of making you visit far off locations you didn't realise had something worthwhile to offer. However, this time round we've put together a list of sights you'll have to seek out yourself, as they're the ones that would only make themselves known after every inch of the game has been thoroughly combed over. Everything from old school game references, movie quotes, fairytales and real world folklore is present here, with the feeling that even after you've read what's contained within - there's probably still something else out there nobody's found yet. So don your Daedric armour and dive back in, as we challenge even those that have already put many hundreds of hours into the game to not be surprised at what's hiding in the farthest corners of the land.
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