Skyrim Dawnguard DLC Beta Keys Sent Out

Only half of those who signed up to the DLC beta will get the chance to take part.

Dawnguard DLC beta, you will be slightly displeased to know that only roughly half those who did will actually get the change to take part. Hmm. As cool as it is that they are allowing players to take part, that small percentage makes me a sad panda. This information comes to the internet via the official Bethesda Game Studios Twitter account, which also confirms that a rather large chunk of the beta invites out on the 12th June, with the rest of the invites being sent out the next day. So, if you signed up for the beta in the hopes of getting in early on that Vampire Lord action, then the odds were certainly against you. Hopefully those lucky, lucky people will be willing to share the goodness with us via the Internet. I certainly hope so, because that's the only hope us ordinary folk have of seeing the game before it is actually released. There was a little bit of extra news in the Twitter post that concerns us mere mortals, however. The 1.6 patch release has now hit Steam for those PC Skyrim players. So, that means some lovely ranged and melee combat horseback for us Dovahkiin. The patch also fixed a ton of bugs, but I'm sure what most people actually care about is that players no longer just sit their in the saddle while wolves ravage their horse. Not that you want to mess with a Skyrim horse.

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