Skyrim Downloadable Content - PS3 Users Set To Get 3 DLC's?

Third DLC for Skyrim in the works, could launch onto PS3 with Dawnguard and Hearthfire?

"Dragonborn", the rumoured third piece of downloadable content for the popular RPG fantasy epic Skyrim, could be making its way onto the PS3 system, along with the much awaited "Dawnguard" and "Hearthfire" packs, if a piece of code in a PC BETA update is anything to go by. In the latest system update for PC owners, entitled "1.8", lies a line of code that reads: "$DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT_PS3 DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT" which insinuates that its release on the PS3 could well be upon us. Interestingly, the code could also refer to a few other tidbits of information regarding future Skyrim DLC's, with the listing of a few new armours such as "Bonemold" and "Nordic" wares. It is also hinted in the above screen that the latest DLC will come with new questlines. The code could also be taken as confirmation that the third piece of downloadable content for Skyrim is indeed entitled "Dragonborn" as suspected. Hearthfire, the second downloadable content for the title, was also "discovered" by means of code in a PC BETA update, so whilst Bethesda are yet to announce that they are ready to launch all three DLC's onto the PS3, this should be taken as good news indeed for long-suffering PS3 owners who have so far had to miss out on extra content. It is thought that the Dragonborn DLC will finally allow us to mount dragons, but this, along with the release of DLC onto the PS3, remains conjecture at the moment. We will keep you updated should Bethesda announce further details. Are you excited for the new Skyrim DLC? Share your thoughts below.

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