Skyrim 'Dragonborn' DLC Confirmed For PS3

Bethesda announce DLC Content for Skyrim on the PS3.

PS3 fans - we have the news you have been waiting for. Bethesda have at long last announced that DLC content for Skyrim will be arriving on the PS3, early next year. Long suffering PS£ users have been left in the shadows for the majority of 2012, with three lots of Skyrim DLC being exclusively released on the Xbox 360. First came "Dawnguard" this summer , then "Hearthfire" was released in September. And yesterday, the third DLC to date, "Dragonborn", was also released on the 360. Many fans have taken to Twitter in recent months to lambast developers Bethesda, who had repeatedly cited "Performance Related Issues" as the reason for the contents absence on the PS3. VP Pete Hines has often faced the brunt of angry fans, but the developers were quick to thank fans for their support.
"We're also happy to announce 'Dragonborn' will be available on PS3 and PC early next year. "The support from Skyrim fans over the last year has been amazing, and it's driven us to support Skyrim more than any game we've ever released - including free content updates, modding tools like the Creation Kit and the Skyrim Workshop, and our add-ons, 'Dawnguard' and 'Hearthfire.'"
Bethesda also teased future releases.
"And we're still not done - we look forward to sharing more Skyrim news next year!"
It remains unclear if PS3 fans will ever see 'Dawnguard' and 'Hearthfire', but the hint at potential future releases leaves hope for fans still waiting on the aforementioned DLC. 'Dragonborn' was released on the Xbox 360 yesterday, costing 1,600 "Microsoft Points" (£15/$20). The expansion sees players travel to Solstheim, tasked with defeating the first "Dragonborn".

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