Skyrim Special Edition: 15 Mods That Must Come To PS4 & Xbox One

How to make one of the greatest games of all time even better.

Skyrim special edition mods

With Bethesda confirming that Elder Scrolls VI will not be happening any time soon (boooo!), gamers are dusting off their finest fur coats and Ugg Boots, and preparing to revisit snowy climes in the upcoming Skyrim Special Edition instead (yayyy!).

So what's so special about it? Gorgeously upscaled graphics and mod support, is what!

Sure, my demands for things that I wanted in the Skyrim remaster (including new content, a more seamless world and improved voice acting) are mostly absent, but the fact that mods are coming to consoles should go a long way to addressing many of those.

Skyrim has one of the biggest modding communities around, meaning there are mods out there that have been painstakingly polished and refined over the five years since its release. Here are 15 Skyrim mods that I'd love to see make an appearance on consoles.

15. SkyUI

Skyrim special edition mods
Bethesda/snakster, Mardoxx

One of the most divisive aspects of the original Skyrim when it first came out was the UI. It was designed with console gamers in mind and was fairly easy to navigate with a gamepad (heaven help the PC player), but suffered from showing far too little information on-screen at once.

SkyUI was originally intended for PC players to have a better time with Skyrim, but with a few small tweaks it can make the jump to consoles too. It presents a whole load more information, allowing you to organise your equipment better and easily compare your items, so you know which are best and which should be offloaded at the nearest tavern.

Aside from looking and feeling better, SkyUI has several more bells and whistles like visible status effects in the HUD, improved favourites menu and text search.

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