Skyrim's Dawnguard DLC Receives Xbox 360 Exclusive Beta

Are you a hardened adventurer thirsting for a new quest to conquer? Well, Bethesda might help you get there just a little bit sooner.

Dawnguard receiving its first official trailer yesterday, Bethesda Softworks has opened registration for an Xbox 360 exclusive beta opportunity. This is certainly a smart move considering the magnitude of problems that seemed to endlessly plague Skyrim at launch. Bethesda states that registration for the beta should only take a few minutes, but to ensure that your application is accurate. In order to register for selection, you must be a registered member of the team's official forums. If you aren't already a member, be sure to create an official forum account. The team will be picking the lucky gamers that will gain access to the beta test within the next week. Visiting Bethesda's Blog will provide you with the full release information, or you could simply head straight to the Dawnguard Beta registration page. Which is probably what the majority of you will do anyways. Should you be one of the lucky individuals chosen, Bethesda will grant you a code to download from the Xbox Live Marketplace. This includes achievements. Access to the beta exempts participants from having to purchase the title on release. Be sure to stay tuned to WhatCulture for more information on Dawnguard as it unleashes upon us. Surely, E3 will be bringing some more details on the highly anticipated expansion for one of 2011's biggest gaming titles. Good luck to all those who apply!

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