Skyrim's First DLC "Dawnguard" Gets Official Trailer

Bethesda shows off the first DLC offering for Skyrim, and reveals the choices you will have to face in this vampire infested content.

Finally, Bethesda has unveiled the long awaited expansion to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. If the already near infinite replay ability that Skyrim offers isn't enough, Dawnguard should bring an enormous shout of joy from your hardened adventurer.

The official trailer reveals the choices that Dovahkiin will face as he must decide whether to join the forces of the Dawnguard, or their sworn enemies the Vampires. Oh, the decisions that Dovahkiin must face.

From the trailer it appears that players will gain access to mounted combat, new weaponry, and different vampire beast forms. It even grants us a glimpse into what could be an entirely different spiritual realm, which could only be accessible to Vampires. Be sure to pay close attention at the 30 second mark!

Perhaps one of the most interesting moments has to do with what appears to be a brand new behavior for one of the most formidable opponents in the game, the ice dragon. All in all, the Dawnguard expansion is shaping up to be well worth the wait. Enjoy the trailer below!

A specific release date has not yet been released however, it is confirmed that the expansion will cost 1600 Microsoft Points and is coming this summer. No information has been revealed for a PC or PlayStation 3 release date.


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