So, Football Manager Online In China Just Became Awesome

Prepare to be jealous.

Football Manager is not just a game, it's a way of life. However, for years it has been unavailable in some of the Asian markets, but that's all set to change with news that Football Manager Online will launch in China, and it boasts some tremendous new features that UK players may never get to experience. The game will incorporate all of the core elements of Football Manager ranging from detailed tactics, the 3D match engine, and most importantly, the gigantic database that turned Football Manager into the success story it is today. However, Football Manager Online will strongly integrate player versus player (PVP) aspects to the game such as an online transfer market and full matches against other players. But there's even better news for gamers, the game is entirely FREE.

One of the most exciting features from the new game will also be a mode which allows players to build a fantasy club from scratch and raise it up to the very top level, while the screenshots above show that when they say 'build' a team, they mean it very literally. Miles Jacobson, Studio Director at Sports Interactive, said: "For us, making a good game is never enough; we are shooting for excellence and constant innovation. We want players to have a convenient playing-field to compete and show off their skills and tactical prowess." No release date has been confirmed for the project, but unfortunately for UK users, Jacobson confirmed that the game is being designed with only the Asian markets in mind, and that there are no plans to release a version in Europe anytime soon.

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