Sonic The Hedgehog Quiz: How Well Do You REALLY Know The Blue Blur?

Know your Mighty Armadillos from your Chemical Plants?


After first appearing on the Mega Drive (or Genesis) in 1991's Sonic The Hedgehog, this spiky blue ball of fun has been in all sorts of video games, comics, TV shows (and catastrophic failures) ever since. But now Sonic Mania and Sonic Mania Plus have rolled around, Sonic is cool again.*

With over 25 years of going as fast as superhumanly (or super hedgehog-ly) possible, how much pointless trivia have you picked up over the years?

Did you know that Dr Robotnik originally wore pajamas? That Sonic is the result of a scientific experiment and turned blue after breaking the sound barrier? Or that Doctor Robotnik, aside from his dastardly doings, is a feminist?

Well, now you do. And if you already knew those, you might just ace this quiz...

So find all seven chaos emeralds, collect at least 100 rings, and have at least one continue to hand, as you're about to take down Robotnik-levels of dastardly quiz questions. He did make an entire volcano into a pinball machine, after all, so defeating him with actual logic isn't that weird.


* We'll ignore Sonic Forces. Let's just wait for Sonic Mania 2...

How Were The Characters Of Sonic The Hedgehog And Doctor Robotnik Originally Devised?


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