Sony Has FINALLY Enabled Cross-Play On PS4

And it's available TODAY, but with a catch...

Epic Games

After months spent firmly weathering the storm on the issue of cross-play, Sony have announced pretty much out the blue that the feature WILL indeed be coming to the PS4. In fact, it's already available (in a fashion) right now, though you'll need Fortnite to be one of the first people to try it out.

Revealed over on the Playstation Blog, the company have implemented an open beta before they roll out the feature proper in the coming months, with players being able to jump into Epic Games' battle royale title and duke it out against other fans in lobbies across PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, Windows and Mac.

Apparently the entire company is restructuring in order to facilitate implementing cross-play on "select third-party titles" in the future, while still maintaining Playstation as the best place to play these games. More information about how long the beta will last and which other titles will be joining Fortnite (fingers crossed for Rocket League) will apparently be revealed in the coming weeks, but for now we can at least appreciate the surprisingly positive step in the right direction Sony has taken.

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