Sony: Last Guardian Still in Development

Sony today confirmed the game is still in development but it is slow going.

The Last Guardian has been one of Sony's most anticipated games since it was announced almost three years ago. One of the main reasons the title has been so hotly anticipated is that it comes from Team Ico the makers of Shadow of the Colossus and ICO. However, the past few months have put this game in danger of becoming vaporware. There have been development issues with the game, people leaving the project, constant rumours of the game being cancelled all together, and Fumito Ueda the main designer behind Team Ico leaving Sony but will stay just to finish this game. There is some good news as Sony today confirmed the game is still in development but it is slow going:

€œThe project has been making progress, but slow progress, So that's tough, but we haven't changed any focus. It's still a really important project and a vision we want to see realized, and Fumito's vision is really causing a very difficult challenge for the developers, so there's some scrapping and rebuilding -- iteration in the process. That's why .€
In all honesty I wouldn't expect this game anytime soon, in fact as much as I know people want this game I would almost assume that we won't be seeing this game until at least 2013. My best guess as to what happened, is like other Japanese publishers and designers Team Ico has had trouble adjusting to this generation of HD consoles. Shadow of the Colossus was released in 2005; that is seven years what the hell has Team Ico been doing these past seven years? That is a long time to be working on one game that has no foreseeable release date on the horizon. Are any of you getting ready to give up hope on The Last Guardian being released at all?

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