Sony Looking To Add Tier Subscription System for PSN

Sony may be including more financial options for PlayStation Plus.

Sony may be looking into a new tier subscription service for PSN users according to a survey (shown above from IGN) they were giving out. The survey itself lists multiple PlayStation Plus depending on which monthly amount you want to pay for. There is even one bracket that will allow you to receive Call of Duty Elite for free according to the survey, however it is listed as "no" for all three options. Basically Sony is testing the water to see what subscriptions people would be willing to pay for and what people want out of those PlayStation Plus subscriptions. There would be discounts for selected plans and the prices listed on the survey ranges from $9.99 to $59.99 (US). PlayStation Plus has done better than expected for Sony so it is no wonder that they are looking at expanding the program into different subscription tiers. However, at this time, this is still just a rumor and speculation but I would expect some sort of announcement at E3 that Sony will be expanding PlayStation Plus. Just so long as Sony still offers free online service I will be fine with this but, I am worried that the recent financial troubles Sony has had may put them down the path of eventually monetizing PSN; with this tier subscription service being the first step on the way to not offering free multiplayer. It may not come this generation, but the next generation I am betting that Sony will charge for all internet transactions like Microsoft does with Xbox Live.
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