Sony Slashing Prices With PS3 Ultimate Deals On PSN

From now until June 4th, Sony is offering some amazing deals on excellent titles.

Red Dead Redemption. Picking up this title with all of the available DLC, will only cost you $19.59, which is a pretty great deal. In addition, gamers can also pick up Call of Duty: Black Ops for $46.54, and that includes it's ridiculous amount of additional content. Gamers who are looking to dive into some of the older games, or simply add them to their collection, are certainly in for a treat. Currently, no information is available in regards to whether the "Ultimate Deals" program will launch worldwide. If you happen to be in North America however, be sure that you jump on the opportunity immediately. The "Ultimate Deals" will only be available until June 4th. Here is a full list of all available titles currently active in the "PS3 Ultimate Deals" program: Red Dead Redemption BioShock 2 inFamous 2 Motorstorm Apocalypse LA Noire Call of Duty: Black Ops Mafia 2 Just Cause 2 Mortal Combat Source: Digital Spy

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