Soul Calibur 5 Getting Maids and Swimsuits

Soul Calibur V is set to recieve a free balance and system update with over 240 changes to the core game systems on March 21st.

monthly DLC. A few of the available content for download includes, "Maid Costumes", "Classic Headgears", "Active Wear", and "Ancient Armor". The ending section of the trailer reveals additional incoming DLC. With pieces that look to bring visuals from Tekken, what appears to be farmer's overalls, and a pac-man head, it will be interesting to see what other ideas are floating around the development studio. Go ahead and check out the trailer if your interest has been peaked. While customization is always a great option, some of the pieces they're offering up make me wonder, who has been dying to dress up there characters in active wear? On the other hand, customization is just that, customization, and it allows players to create whoever they want. The more pieces to choose from the better right? Are the pieces a little outlandish or do they simply bring more variety to the game's customization?

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