Spec Ops: The Line Video Shows Horrors of War

War is hell, and with the newest Spec Ops trailer showcasing the game’s narrative, it aims to prove it.

War is hell, and with the newest Spec Ops trailer showcasing the game€™s narrative, it aims to prove it.

Spec Ops: The Line isn€™t shying away from the true horrors that can come as a price of war. Players will witness people being subjected to torture, graphic images, and chaos throughout the campaign. Not in an attempt to shock and awe, but as a means to show the true nature of what war can become.

The game takes place in Dubai, after a catastrophic sandstorm rips apart the city. While many evacuated, a U.S. Army Colonel John Konrad and the 33rd Infantry stayed in order to protect the unlucky civilians who never made it out. No one is able to establish contact in Dubai and it seems inevitable that the Colonel and the 33rd Infantry are dead. This is until a weak distress signal leaks itself out of the city.

Now you must enter the city with your Delta Operators and rescue those that may remain. The horrors that await you will test the limits of your sanity and force you to face an enemy far too close to home. The horrors awaiting you will force you to choose between your mission and what's right. Spec Ops: The Line is setting players up for an experience that has never truly been seen in a game before, and it's sure to cause some form of controversy.

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