Spider-Man 2 PS4: 10 Villains We Need To See

Please Insomniac, make it happen.


Spider-Man's debut last year on the PlayStation 4 was nothing short of sensational. Not only was it a financial and critical success, it was the first game to understand the character in years, with multi-faceted combat, a heartfelt story and the most satisfying web-slinging traversal ever put to console. It made good use of the hero's extensive rogues gallery, too.

From Doctor Octopus to Taskmaster, villains both iconic and obscure made their mark on Spider-Man's story. However, what made these appearances so special is that they weren't exactly the characters we've gotten to know in the comics or films. In fitting fashion for the company's innovative take on Spider-Man video games, Insomniac also delivered fresh, interesting takes on his universe and characters.

This led to some of Peter Parker's most tragic showdowns to date, including having to face a father figure in the mentally unstable Doc Ock and stopping Mister Negative from gaining revenge after years of torture at the hands of Norman Osborn's twisted experiments.

With Far From Home currently dominating cinema screens, it's worth looking at who Insomniac could include in Spider-Man's next video game outing. His villains are numerous after all, and there's no end to the creativity Insomniac could employ when sculpting their place in Spidey's new universe.


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