Spider-Man: Miles Morales - 20 Secrets, Easter Eggs & References Explained

Fan service, foreshadowing and touching tributes to fallen heroes.

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Marvel has never been shy when it comes to adding Easter Eggs and subtle references to its properties, and Spider-Man: Miles Morales is no exception.

The 2018 Spider-Man game had lots of little secrets that the developers had snuck in for the players to discover. Miles-Morales, while a smaller offering than its predecessor, is also packed full of things to discover.

Miles' solo-outing as Spider-Man in New York offers lots of collectibles and side-quests to pursue, all of which are littered with references to the wider Marvel universe. Both within and outside the world of Spider-Man, many of these Easter eggs come from story arcs, pop culture and more across recent years.

With a long list of media to choose from, Spider-Man Miles Morales has a huge catalogue of Marvel media to showcase.

20. Spider-Man First Issue

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Early on in the game when Miles is unpacking his new apartment, be sure to wander around and look next to the bed on the left hand side.

There will be a prompt for Miles to interact with a hand-drawn book on the top shelf, however if you look underneath it on the second shelf, you will notice a stack of comic books, the first of which relates to the first issue of The Amazing Fantasy with its original artwork cover, which marked Spider-Man's first appearance in the Marvel Comics.

You can't interact with it, but if you go into Photo Mode you can get a closer look.


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