Spider-Man: Miles Morales - Ranking All Costumes Worst To Best

Peter Parker isn't the only Spider-Man with a snappy wardrobe.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales Bodega Cat
Sony Interactive Entertainment

Putting it out there right now - Spider-Man: Miles Morales might just be one of the most fun games you'll be playing this Christmas.

Following the immensely fun 2018 Spider-Man on the PS4, the second installment in the franchise sees the player take control of the much greener, but far more endearing Miles Morales as he navigates protecting Harlem (and the rest of Manhattan) for the first time on his own.

Throughout the game, Miles' encounters with friend and foe unlock some pretty interesting gimmicks, gadgets and garments, and it's in the latter that where things get very interesting. With just under twenty various outfits to unlock and swing around New York in, Miles Morales' diverse range of costumes might be some of the more fun things to discover within the game.

For the purposes of this ranking, I've taken into consideration the visual aesthetics and what the costumes mean to the character (and the player) within the game. Modifications and perks of the costumes have been considered as well, but on the basis of fun, I'll be focusing primarily on what looks and feels cool to swing around snowy New York city in.

19. Great Responsibility Suit

Spider-Man: Miles Morales Bodega Cat
Insomniac Games

There's nothing inherently wrong with the Great Responsibility suit, but everyone playing the game must have breathed a little sigh of relief when Miles finally acquires his own costume (or the player unlocks one of the purchasable suits). The costume left to Miles by Peter as he heads out of town is a nice gesture and a reminder to Miles that he isn't a sidekick, but his own Spider-Man.

Having said that, the elbow and kneepad fixtures in the suit are a nice touch (albeit a bit patronising since Miles took Rhino apart shortly before receiving it) and remind us that Miles is a Spider-Man in training.

But the colours and design are too similar to Peter's suit for it to feel like something that could solidify a Miles Morales identity. Thankfully the suit doesn't stick around too long.


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