Spider-Man PS4: 10 Costumes That Would Make Awesome Easter Eggs

From the page to the MCU, the web-head's wardrobe is full of great garb.


Despite not having a particularly large catalogue of great games, Spider-Man has still graced our consoles in many a form over the years. The Wall-Crawler's video game history is full of a range of varied styles, but in recent years, many of them have had a particular aspect in common: the suits.

Over a fifty year comic history, Spidey's wardrobe has grown to the point where he's probably having to web it shut every night. The classic red and blue suit has been altered and swapped a ton of times in his heroic career, and many of his video games have reflected this by adding these as unlockable features for players to find.

With another developer taking on the challenge and a brand new Spidey title coming to PS4 in 2017, it's pretty likely that some of the hero's alternative looks will make appearances. We already know that the game will be including its own unique take on the classic, but what else could be in store?

I've taken a look back through Spider-Man's fashion history to pitch ten suits that could make great additions, and how they could tweak the gameplay once donned. Here are 10 Spider-Man suits that would make awesome easter eggs for the new game!

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