Spider-Man PS4: 10 Marvel Games Insomniac Should Make Next

Spidey's in the limelight, but what superhero gets the Insomniac treatment next?

Marvel Comics/Insomniac

It's safe to say that Insomniac have absolutely smashed it out of the park with Marvel's Spider-Man. They've nailed the feel of combat and finally bested Spider-Man 2's allegedly unbeatable traversal with brand new exhilarating web-slinging through the expanse of Manhattan - it genuinely does not feel like we've ever been able to play a more authentic adaptation of Peter Parker before.

So if Insomniac can prove that Marvel's cast of characters can thrive on home consoles alongside the equally sublime Arkham and (eventual) Superman title from Rocksteady, who's the next hero who'll be muscling their way onto our consoles?

Marvel have such a huge roster of characters that making this decision won't be easy, but if the MCU is anything to go by, total multimedia domination is just about the only thing Marvel will stand for.

As we're bound to see more of their heroes muscling on in for a slice of the action, here's just a sample of who we might be seeing next.


10. Black Panther

Marvel Comics/Brian Stelfreeze

Having seen a huge surge in popularity thanks in no small part to Ryan Coogler's excellent movie, Black Panther would definitely be an interesting character for Insomniac to head up next.

Panther sticks to the strengths that the studio have developed: he's a similarly athletic, fast character with a lot of tech hidden away in his vibranium suit. Combat would be lithe and in-your-face, likely more counter-heavy owing to a relative lack of projectile or long-ranged capabilities when compared to the wall-crawler. Tech-wise, T'Challa would be suitably provided with a variety of vibranium tech by sister Shuri... that is, unless we took control of Shuri as the newest Panther too?

A Black Panther title would also be a perfect opportunity to bring the world of Wakanda and its history to an even wider audience than have currently experienced it. There is a lot of mythology to the tribes of Wakanda that not everyone may know about, so perhaps switching allegiances between the Panther deities could grant different power sets or form different skill trees within the upgrade system.

Needless to say, getting to control T'Challa in his king of the dead form would also produce some particularly interesting gameplay.


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