Spider-Man PS4: 32 Secrets, References And Easter Eggs You Must Find

Backpacks, dialogue, and... what was that about a balloon?

Spider-Man PS4 Fogwell's Gym

Insomniac's Spider-Man, like Batman: Arkham, is a game full to the brim with references, Easter eggs and secrets pertaining to a wider, reimagined version of a comic book universe. In Spidey's case, this is of course the Marvel Universe, and though the main story itself was all kinds of compelling, at times, it was the unspoken history of Insomniac's game that managed to best capture our interests.

Communicated via the game's vast array of landmarks, backpacks and dialogue sequences, Insomniac have fashioned a mythos ripe with potential, taking into account dozens of different incarnations of the wall-crawler into one, reinvigorating take.

And with Spidey being eight years into his crimefighting career by the time we meet him in the PS4 exclusive, there's a lot the open world has had to do to tell the history of the world. Various tie-in media, such as David Liss' Spider-Man: Hostile Takeover, have done a good job of filling fans in on this story, but it's still up to the various developers at Insomniac to reimagine Spider-Man for a brand new generation.

But with there being SO MANY references hidden within, it's likely there are quite a few you missed. Here's the lowdown on the most important.

SPOILERS INCLUDED IN ENTRIES 28, 26, 21, 18, 17, 16, 3 and 1...

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