Spider-Man PS4: 32 Secrets, References And Easter Eggs You Must Find

20. Eddie Brock And The Daily Bugle

Spider-Man PS4 Daily Bugle Card

One of the better backpacks included in the game is a 'Good Luck' card Peter received upon leaving the Daily Bugle. There's a veritable who's who of pivotal Spidey characters who left a note, so let's take a look:

First up is Joe Robertson, the now Editor in Chief of the Bugle and longtime supporter of both Spider-Man and Peter Parker. Beneath him, however, is perhaps the most exciting inclusion on the card - Eddie Brock. Brock would of course go on to become Venom in the comics, and while him and Peter were rivals at the Bugle during both the nineties cartoon and Spider-Man 3, his message seemingly indicates that they got on. Brock's status as a reporter for the Bugle is also a departure from the comics, where he worked for the Daily Globe instead.

Next up is J. Jonah (who features regularly in the game as an Alex Jones-esque internet radio host), Gloria Grant and Betty Brant. Brant and Peter dated in the comics relatively early on, before she married fellow Bugle staffer Ned Leeds.

Lastly is Gloria Grant, a secretary for the Bugle who first appeared in 1975. She clearly believes in Peter's talents though, signing off with a request that he remember them when he "cure[s] cancer!"

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