Spider-Man PS4: 32 Secrets, References And Easter Eggs You Must Find

14. Harry Osborn's First Appearance

Spider-Man PS4 Harry Osborn First Appearance

Harry Osborn may not feature in-person during Spider-Man's story, but he boasts a heavy presence all the same.

Bolstering this presence is a selection of silk gifted by Harry from Oscorp Industries, which Peter bemoans for not really strengthening his web solution. However, the anecdote is made even cooler by the fact the category number for the item is TASM1965-31. TASM, of course, is the acronym for The Amazing Spider-Man comic, and the 31st issue - as you may have guessed already - was published in 1965.

The Amazing Spider-Man If This Be My Destiny
Marvel Comics

A particular famous issue of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko's run, If This Be My Destiny...! also marks the first appearances of Harry Osborn and Gwen Stacy, the latter of whom fails to get a mention in the game itself.

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