Spider-Man PS4: 8 Costumes That MUST Be Added

Maximum thwipage.

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When it comes to Insomniac's recent Spider-Man game, the choice of alternate costumes was in no means limited, giving players a wide array of suits, ranging from Peter's Stark-designed MCU attire to the Spirit-Spider, based off that one time the powers of Ghost Rider belonged to the wall-crawler.

As such, it may come as a surprise to say that there are plenty more than twenty-seven Spidey suits, with some looking even more whacky than the practically nude outfit you unlock at the end of the game. Still, this is why Spider-Man is the most notable hero for having alternate versions of himself, otherwise how else would comic book storylines like Spider-Verse or the soon to be released Spider-Geddon even exist?

And though some outfits are off-limits so they can be used in the future to compliment the story, with the first DLC, the Black Cat centric: The Heist, set to add at least three more costumes to Pete's wardrobe, here are my top picks for what I think should take priority on Insomniac's drawing board.

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