Spider-Man PS4: Every Boss Ranked From Worst To Best

From dull to unforgettable.

Spider Man Shocker

Insomniac's Spider-Man game has been out for a week now, so you've probably had time to make your way through the web-slinger's gorgeous main campaign, battling every crowd-pleasing comic book villain along the way.

It's fair to say, however, that Spider-Man's boss battles have been a tad divisive among critics and fans alike, namely for their sometimes QTE-heavy nature and simplistic, phase-based attack patterns. Given the care put into the game elsewhere, these encounters do tend to be pretty hit-and-miss.

That said, they are more often than not at least passably entertaining - if sometimes rather abrupt - as set-pieces which help flesh-out the world and the super-powered entities residing within it.

Not every boss is a home-run by any means, but the late-day battles in particular won't be forgotten anytime soon. While Insomniac could certainly make some improvements for the inevitable sequel, these fights against some of Spidey's most legendary enemies are sure to leave a smile on just about any fan's face.

So, how do the rogues stack up? Let's get stuck in...

- SPOILERS within -

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