Spider-Man PS4: Every Confirmed Suit So Far

Spidey's wardrobe is looking STRONG.


Let's face it, as amazing as Marvel's Spider-Man looks like it's going to be, there's one thing that every fan is looking forward to and that's the suits.

Unlockable costumes have been a staple of Spider-Man games ever since the 2000's PS1 classic, and we can't imagine a Spider-Man game without them. For all the praise Spider-Man 2 got, can you believe it didn't let you change costumes?

Dressing up Spidey in different costumes has always been one of the best parts of previous games, and it looks like that'll be taken to the next level in the upcoming game as Insomniac Games are making it so that each and every suit in the game has a different suit ability, rather than just changing the look.

With details on Marvel's Spider-Man being held pretty close to Sony's chest, it's been pretty difficult to get concrete information on the game's suits. Even though we've recently got a lot of new details, we still don't know how many will be in the final release, so it's hard to know what to expect next.

However we've combed through all of the information that's been released to put together a look at every single suit that's confirmed to be in the game so far.

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