Splinter Cell 6 To Be Announced at E3?

Is a new Splinter Cell game on the way?

According to a report today we may get our first look at Splinter Cell 6 during the Ubisoft E3 press conference. The rumour is that the game will be officially called Splinter Cell: Black List and is setting up for a January 2013 release. The game is supposedly set to be released on the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii U. A poster on NeoGAF forums is claiming to have seen the promotion for the game described Sam Fisher: €œis looking good as always with no grey hair, full body suit, and his mighty night goggles.€ In addition, the poster claims the game is likely a sequel to Conviction and the €œplot will be based on his enemies targeted as Blacklist.€ There are also rumors that a limited edition of the game will be available, which shouldn't surprise anyone considering that almost every game gets a special edition release at this point. Ubisoft has never confirmed that the next Splinter Cell game was in development, but Jade Raymond the previous producer for the game did confirm that a Splinter Cell game was in the works at the Toronto Ubisoft studios. This is all unconfirmed at this point and the original website that had this information has pulled the article. So either this is all not true or Ubisoft told them to pull the article. We won't have to wait long for an official announcement because Ubisoft's scheduled E3 press conference is Monday June 4th, less than a week a way. Are you excited for a new Splinter Cell game or are you one of the fans who was disappointed by Splinter Cell Conviction and will approach the title with more disinterest or cautious optimism?

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