Splinter Cell The Animated Series: 10 Things It Must Include

8. A Mixture of Antagonists from both the games the Books

Splinter Cell

There are a plethora of smarmy, vindictive antagonists for Third Echelon to tackle, each with their own motives. What makes these so fascinating is the vast array of types we encounter. Whether it's Tom Reed attempting to take down the government from within, or Lacerda and his crew onboard the Maria Narcissa looking to smuggle weapons and arms, Sam needs a worthy counterpart to pursue.

Fisher can track faceless rebel forces that are led by a cause rather than any one leader. However, a true opposing figure will make the contest between Third Echelon and the villain a lot more enticing.

A show requires a variety of questions to be asked of its leading characters in order to fully realise their potential for an audience, and pitting the Cells against a range of unique foes will only enhance their standing and legitimacy.

There are plenty of villains to pull from and depending on the tone of the show, whether it be serialised or episodic, it will not be difficult to appeal to long time fans if they choose the right ones. Fisher's complexity as a character will shine if given a worthy opposition to pit his wits against.


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