Square Enix Registers Just Cause 4 Domain Names

Are just Cause 3 and 4 on the way?

Just Cause 3 has yet to be even announced and today we are finding out that Square Enix has officially registered Just Cause 4 domain names. They also apparently registered one Just Cause 3 domain name as well. The Just Cause 3 registered URL was an Italian based web domain name. The URLs that were registered by Square Enix are: "JustCause4.com, JustCause4.fr, JustCause4.co.uk, JustCause4.de, and JustCause4.it". As of right now Square Enix has not announced that they are even working on Just Cause 3 let alone planning a Just Cause 4. With E3 weeks away they may be setting up to announce Just Cause 3 so they want to get everything prepared. Square Enix registering these domain names in no way guarantees that a Just Cause 4 will be made, many times companies just buy the trademarks more as a formality so that in the event that they do make Just Cause 4 they have everything lined up. In fact it will probably depend on sales from Just Cause 3 as to whether a Just Cause 4 is ever made; Just Cause 2 sold fairly well but did not sell huge numbers. That is why until today basically there were still questions as to whether Just Cause 3 was ever going to be made. Even though buying these trademarks doesn't guarantee a Just Cause 4, it does basically acknowledge that Just Cause 3 is in development. Square Enix would not buy domain names for Just Cause 4 if it did not intend to make at least one more Just Cause game, they would let the trademark expire basically. In other words, I would expect an announcement for Just Cause 3 sometime in the near future, whether that comes at E3 or at another time, chances are Just Cause 3 is in development.

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